Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who belled the cat?

 Rodi the cat was puzzled seeing a bell on his neck after his nap...who ever could have tied it?
This is my submission for Illustration Friday's theme 'puzzled'.


  1. Ha.. reminds me of my friend's black cat, who used to bring them all sorts of animals he would catch. They tied a bell to his collar to try and slow down his hunting. At first he was puzzled as well, but he figured out the knack of creeping without jingling the bell, and his prizes continued to show up on the doorstep! I like the textures you used on the background and the cushion.

    1. Thanks a lot! Your friend's cat is clever.

  2. Poor Rodi, cute illustration, like the colours you have used.

  3. Rodi does look a bit distressed in addition to puzzled! Poor guy! But at least the birds & mice will hear him coming now!

  4. Hahah, great expression! Love the colors and the (very catlike)neatness of this.