Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let it glow!

                                                    Artwork © 2011 JSDaniel

My submission for Illustrator Friday's theme- 'Midsummer's Night'. Really nice topic by the way. First I wanted to do an illustration that had a mermaid in it but didn't turn out the way i expected. This was my second idea and i really enjoyed doing this piece! For some reason i,m not able to post this on IF's website!Hopefully i will be able to later.

It's now available at my Etsy Store.


  1. I really like the fireflies in a jar concept! :D

  2. Nice piece. I had a mermaid that didn't make it to IF last week. Great logo by the way!

  3. Ah I was thinking of doing fireflies. Nice Illo. Love how the fireflies glow.